Our Toys

We are dedicated to creating safe eco-friendly toys using sustainable materials. We primarily ship to the United States in order to keep our carbon footprint low. 
Through extensive research we ensure that we are using the most eco-friendly methods, and working with sustainable suppliers. Our natural wood is either FSC certified or from sustainable forests, and our paints are VOC-Free, Odorless, Non-Toxic, and certified safe for children's toys. All of our natural toys are sanded to perfection and finished with linseed oil and beeswax which is fume and VOC-free. 
Austin Nature Works; inviting children to discover nature through handmade, eco-friendly educational toys.


About Me

Children have so few opportunities to discover the natural world. As an educator, I was inspired to create toys that would excite children and spark their interests in nature, so that they may develop a mindful relationship with our earth. Austin Nature Works has curated a line of educational toys inspired by elements of nature, imaginative play, Montessori and Reggio learning methods.

All of our toys are handcrafted with love in Austin, Texas. They are safe for children, and made with eco-friendly materials.


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