5 Ways to Extend the Life of your Mother’s Day Bouquets

A five-minute read. Quick view: Flower press, Craft, Garden, Sensory bin, Compost. Keep reading to find out more!

So maybe you are the mom who asked for nothing for Mother’s Day, just a bit of quiet time. Well I’m going to take a wild guess that you still received a Mother’s Day bouquet and damn it, it’s probably beautiful. It’s probably sitting on the mantel in your living room and every time you pass it, a smile is planted on your face. What a great mindful ritual for you to connect and check in with your awesome self Mama.

Well now a week has gone by and that smile is getting all scrunched up by the odor coming from your nearly dead flowers. I know it’s hard. Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to give them up. That bouquet is holding on to its last moments, but you’re having trouble throwing away those beautiful peonies, ranunculus, and roses from your Mother’s Day Bouquets.

Well you don’t have to!

Extend the life of your bouquet with these tried and true favorites.

And do it quickly, because I don’t know how much time we have left!

Did you know that pressing flowers dates back to the 16th century? Japanese artists began the practice of Oshibana, in which they would craft large pieces of art using pressed flowers. As trade with Japan and Europe exploded, the Western world became increasingly interested with the use of pressed flowers as an art form. 

1 Press your Mother’s Day bouquets!

There are so many gorgeous flower presses on the market right now. And they are quite literally the most popular and easiest option for keeping your flowers for years beyond the initial Mother’s Day for which they were bought. My favorite flower press gives Mamas with littles the added comfort of not having extra small nuts and bolts lying around, which can easily get into your baby’s mouth. It is the Kid-friendly Flower press from Austin Nature Works. It’s natural design showcases hand painted poppies on natural oak, and comes with easy to use Velcro straps for an activity Mom can do during self-care time or with the kids! The best part is that it is female made in Austin Texas and female owned yall! 


2 Become the Gardner you’ve always wanted to be

This is a tricky step because you’ll want to do this sooner than later. You can extend the life of your flowers by repurposing the seeds into your own garden. Do this while the flowers are still fresh!

Step one. Cut off the flower head with scissors or a knife.

Step two. Collect the ripe seeds and wipe away any excess dirt.

Step three. Place your seeds on wax or cotton paper to dry for seven days.

Step four. Plant those baby seeds in your garden this Spring!


3 D.I.Y that bouquet into a gift ya crafty mom!

Look at you crafty mom! You might already have many ideas for what you can do with your flowers, especially if you’ve been using a flower press already. Hopefully I can give you some ideas you’ve never tried before. One of my favorite ways to craft with pressed flowers is to make flower art and frame it! You can make a likeness of a cow or fairy or just throw the petals into a frame and hang it up! If you’ve made one too many frames and your house is beginning to look like an English countryside…well I’d say congratulations #EnglishCottageGoals. Here are a few other ways to punch up your d.i.y. flower pressed crafts.

Craft one. Simply glue your pressed flowers to your favorite candle to create a romantic atmosphere for your bath time ritual.

Craft two. Make handmade paper using recycled paper, water, and add your finely cut flowers from your bouquet to add a little pop of color.

Craft three. Create a unique handmade greeting card for a loved one and decorate it with pressed flowers for a gift to remember.

Happy Crafting!


click to the pic follow @AustinNatureWorks on Instagram

4 Because you have always wanted to create a sensory bin for your toddler…

I’m so happy you chose this one Mama! It’s hard to find the time and supplies to create an interesting sensory bin for your toddler, especially one that will capture their attention for more than five minutes. Let’s not let those flowers go to waste. Let’s do this now! Enter the floral water sensory bin. It’s so simple, just follow these three easy steps.

Step one. Pour water into your bin.

Step two. Cut off the heads of the flowers from your bouquet and place them into the water.

Step three. Add scoops, cups, and small colanders for some Spring water play and practical life skill building!

Step four. Optional.  Add food coloring to color your water for an added invitation to play.

Creating a sensory bin can be so easy and this activity will be a hit with your toddler.


5 Give sustainable living a try and compost your bouquets!

Okay, if you just don’t have the time… Mama it is alright. But instead of throwing them in the garbage, give them back to the earth by composting those beautiful bouquets.  Composting enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.  It also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers keeping you and your kiddos safe. And it encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create a rich nutrient-filled material. If you want more ideas on easy sustainable living ideas read 6 Tips for Sustainable Families.


I hope this gave you a few new ideas about how you can extend the life of your Mother’s Day bouquets, and help keep your memories alive in your hearts forever. Thanks so much for reading and be sure to share which activity gave you the most joy with a friend.

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