The Holiday Seed (BOOK PRESALE)

The Holiday Seed (BOOK PRESALE)

"How do trees grow to be so big?"

As we grow, so does the world around us. 
But does it dream like we do?
Does a mountain dream of being a fire fighter?
Do birds dream of selling out concert halls?

In this story, we follow a funny seed as it navigates this wide world during the changing of seasons; making friends, and dreaming of what it could be when it grows up. 

Austin Nature Works is proud to announce the release of our first children's book! "It's a story about self discovery, nature, and dreams. My hope is for every child to see themselves in seed."

1 book purchased = 1 tree planted

Release date: November 2020

Soft cover
8.5 x 11 
24 pages: full color

Recommended ages 2-10
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