Austin Nature Works Gives Back

 At the core of Austin Nature works is our commitment to sustainable living. We are partnering with like-minded organizations that share our dedication to people and planet, so we ensure that every purchase makes a positive impact. One tree planted is an organization that does just that. Did you know that for every Austin Nature Works wooden toy purchased a tree is planted?

1 wooden toy purchased= 1 tree planted

Reforestation is one of the best ways to create a healthy environment after a disturbance in which the soil and surrounding landscape are significantly damaged. One Tree Planted plants trees in a variety of different locations specifically focusing on restoration after fires in North America. The allocation of these donation dollars will shift based on where forest fires occur and where funding is most needed. They only plant local native tree species, and reforestation is done after professional assessments are made to determine where human intervention would be ecologically beneficial due to a lack of natural regeneration. For more information visit


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